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"Heard 'Em Say" is a song by American hip-hop recording artist and record producer Kanye West. It was included as the opening song on the track-listing of his  Released‎: ‎November 8, Aug 30, - Kanye West. “Heard 'Em Say” was released as the third single from Late Registration. The single achieved gold read more». Play This Song. Listen to Kanye West now. Listen to Kanye West in full in the Spotify app. Play on Spotify. Playing. Heard 'Em Say. © © Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC. Lyrics to 'Heard 'em Say' by Kanye West. Uhh, yeah And I heard 'em say Nothin's ever promised tomorrow, today From the Chi, like Tim, its the Hardaway So this. Songs similar to Kanye West - Heard 'Em Say (feat. Adam Levine of Maroon 5), such as Kendrick Lamar - Hol' Up, Big Sean - All Your Fault (feat. Kanye West). Kanye West. Heard 'Em Say (feat. Adam Levine). | Previous track Play or pause track Next track. Enjoy the full SoundCloud experience with our free. "Heard 'Em Say" by Kanye West feat. Adam Levine sampled Natalie Cole's "Someone That I Used to Love". Listen to both songs on WhoSampled, the ultimate. Directed by Bill Plympton, Kanye West. With Adam Levine, Kanye West. The animated music video, which was co-directed by Bill Plympton and West, expresses.
And he's got three kids with him and they're running around and I'm chasing them. Stars: Adam LevineKanye West.

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heard em say - kanye west (slowed + reverb), time: 3:55

BBC News Online. On December 5,the animated music video for "Heard 'Em Say" was one of ten films shown on during a screening in New York City celebrating independent animation. Release Dates. Virgin Media.

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It was included as the opening song on the track-listing of his second studio album Late sweet things to say to The song features a guest appearance from Adam Levine heard, lead vocalist of the American funk rock band Maroon 5.

West introduced himself to Levine and played tracks from his forthcoming sophomore album on his iPod. When they came across a demo for "Heard 'Em Say," the singer had ready an say chorus he'd written for his band that he felt was perfect for it.

The two artists decided to say, working together to write the song on the same plane. The song harbors a soothing lullaby tone and retains moody heard. The track's subdued instrumentation has a cascading piano line dressed over tumbling delayed beats laced with warped bass synth and a subtle interjection of acoustic guitar.

Lyrically, "Heard 'Em Say" imparts contemplative moral soliloquies touching on social issues. The melancholic song is written from the perspective of an afflicted, impoverished American lamenting societal fallacies and questioning say ways of the world. West reflects on socioeconomical kanye assailing black communities as he encourages listeners to remain optimistic.

Billboard Hot chart. The single was a significant crossover success for both West and Levine. By having "Heard 'Em Say" enter at this position the same time his previous single " Gold Digger " ranked number-one on the chart, West became the sixth and heard artist to make the rare, coincidental achievement of securing both the top and bottom spots please click for source the Billboard Hot The single also marked Adam Levine's first Hot chart appearance separate from Maroon 5.

Upon its release, "Heard 'Em Say" received widespread critical acclaim from contemporary music journalists. West was praised for his thought-provoking sociopolitical commentary while Levine's singing earned comparisons to Stevie Wonder. Two separate accompanying music videos were produced for the single. The original video was directed by French filmmaker Michel Gondry and shot live-action inside the flagship department store Macy's Herald Square in New York for the Christmas season.

An alternate video west co-directed by American cartoonist Bill Plympton and features extensive kanye of pencil-sketch animation. Both west videos were very well-received and met by generally positive reviews.

West" refrain and fades into the beginning of "Heard 'Em Say. While playing songs from his forthcoming sophomore effort Late Registration on his iPod for Levine, West came across the demo for "Heard 'Em Say", the very first track recorded for the album. As Levine recalled, "He was rhyming over it, and I had just written a hook that was so perfect for it. It was say of those natural collaborations where you're so excited because it's all very pure and very easy.

For his second studio album, West collaborated with American film score composer and multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion. As he did on The College DropoutWest opted to take rap lyricism in a different direction by exploring ideas beyond the gangsta lifestyle and attitude dominant in mainstream hip-hop at the time. The song is conceptually written from the perspective of a downtrodden citizen dealing with the ills of society, religion and government.

West opted in favor of a more symphonic orchestration to serve as a backdrop for his improved lyricism. On Late RegistrationWest progressively moves past his previous musical limitations in terms of contextualization and deployment.

He had also been listening to songs Brion produced for When the Pawn Nevertheless, he and West soon found that they could productively work together after their first afternoon in the studio where discovered that neither confined his musical knowledge and vision to one specific genre.

West said that he appreciated the broader palette Jon Brion brought to his music. It allows grooves with the space to breath and stretch in ways raps songs don't typically permit. West also set a precedent for record production in regards to his choices in musical collaborations on Late Registration.

Levine's smoothing tenor singing voice punctuates the introspective tone. Then he played me this song that was kind of what 'Heard 'Em Say' eventually became. He was rhyming over it, and I had just written a hook that was so perfect for it. But I want to do the song. And that's all it was.

And he played me this record. Do you want to write a song together? You know? The west thing I knew we were in the studio making the record and it was that easy. West was able to contact Levine and get him on a record after acquiring his number from American record producer Rick Rubin. However, West came to be impressed by the quality of Levine's voice after hearing his band rehearse go here at the 47th Grammy Awards ceremony.

Since the singer had a vocal that the duo had already discovered meshed well with West's music, Brion was able to translate the two pieces in a matter of hours. Brion said, "Adam had something, Kanye loved it and the three of west went at it like banshees, and there it was.

Kanye's lyrics were beautiful. He opined, "Kanye West is a genius. I know that charles the great causes different reactions in people. I really respect that about him. Everything with him http://rahucolterf.tk/episode/million-dollar-throw-characters.php very legitimate and very real. I love that dude. The musical arrangement opens with an introductionwhere West utters a series of ad-libs and onomatopoeic vocables atop tumbling delayed beats.

Despite sounding light-hearted, the subject matter of "Heard 'Em Say" is dreary and bitter. Reidassembled into west small room at Sony Music Studios for the listening session on June 15, Once he was done with the music video, Kanye started playing tracks from Late Registration beginning with "Bring Me Down," which was arranged by the album's co-executive producer Jon Brionwho had co-produced "Heard 'Em zone theme song West played "Heard 'Em Say" and then asked the audience to guess who was on the song's chorus.

The popularity takes away from the illness of having him. So if I put him on, that's ill. That's keeping it real. Then it's like, 'Kanye has a song with Adam Levine? His voice sounds like a fing instrument. The only other dude that has a voice like that is Akon. He stated, " I used to play that song for people, but girls kanye liked the song.

Adam laid his vocals to that, girls start liking learning boom record and it's the [third] single. He characterized it as an "atmospheric ballad " which demonstrates "the stealthy power of West's storytelling. Club wrote that they're outweighed by stronger moments like "Heard 'Em Say" and complimented the "elegant simplicity" of its musical composition.

He stated, "The delicate plinking of 'Heard Em Say' Sean Fennessey for Pitchfork remarked that the opening track "might be the most bandied about joint here, thanks to the say of Maroon 5's Adam Levine, but guess what? He sounds great. Off-key and blue-eyed selling his soul, but like nearly every risk here, the syrupy pop works.

That's just one of the many excellent guest spots throughout. What's not heard like? Virgin Media reviewed the single kanye "an accomplished piece of production" commenting on its "poignant sample But despite the say sounding like a hip-hop lullaby, Kanye was kicking that real shit.

In the United Statesthe single entered the U. Billboard Hot at one hundred for the chart date of October 29, By having "Heard ' Em Say" enter at this position, Kanye West achieved the incredibly rare, coincidental feat of bookending the Billboard Hot This odd, random occurrence accounts for an infinitesimal. Billboard Hot appearance separate from Maroon 5.

As was the case with " Jesus Walks ", more than one accompanying music video was produced for the single. West had watched and loved Plympton's work west his youth, saying that his images were important to him as a child. The west version of the music video for "Heard 'Em Say" was filmed live-action and harbors a distinct Christmas theme. West had provided a live performance during his appearance in Gondry's forthcoming documentary film, Dave Chappelle's Block Party.

Levine imparted, "I've been dying to work with him forever. I was just blown away that I got the opportunity. Then I read the treatment heard I found out that I would heard a little bit of, you know, video acting, which is funny.

The filming of the music video took place at filming took place at Macy's Herald Squarethe say department store heard the world and the flagship of the Macy's chain of department stores. They were allowed kanye roam the store freely, dance around, play with lamps and recline in chairs as Adam Levine looked on. I let Kanye and his family in, after hours, to spend the night. And he's got three kids with him and they're running around and I'm chasing them.

It's so weird! There's dancing suits in the men's section, all kinds of heard, but I'm excited about it. Here filmed west video frame-by-frame, and he shot it by recranking the camera and re-exposing the film several times.

Despite this, the filming went off without a hitch with few technical issues. The only exception was one scene where the children were literally flying through the carpet department off the groundand they looked a little weird? Even though some of the song's lyrics and West's language were contentious, Macy's was delighted by the message of the music video.